L’ENFANT’S PLAN The H Street NE Corridor was originally included as part of L’Enfant’s original plan for DC. Boundary Street, now Florida Avenue, was one of DC’s northern boundaries.

The H Street Corridor is centrally located to some of the most historic buildings in the country, providing easy access to the US Capitol and countless surrounding federal offices. It’s also a stone’s throw from Union Station, which is a key transportation hub for the District and the East Coast, providing access to Metrorail, commuter lines and Amtrak.

H Street has excellent bus access between points east and west, north and south. The corridor boasts one of the highest ridership volumes in the District, and more transportation improvements have already begun, including the free shuttle service between two of the metro stations serving H Street – Gallery Place/Chinatown and Minnesota Avenue. In addition, construction has begun on streetcar service between these metro stations to provide yet another convenient method of accessing H Street.
Even with all these improvements, as well as the constant influx of new and exciting independently owned businesses, H Street still maintains its historic and unique atmosphere that makes it a desirable neighborhood to live and work.