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Recent History of H Street in the News

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Here’s a recent history of H Street in the news, courtesy of TBD.com.  Click on the titles below to read the entire story.

New H St. Takes Shape,” Roll Call; Feb. 1, 2006

H St.’s Missing Link: Police,” Roll Call; March 6, 2006

Whose H Street Is It, Anyway?,” Post; April 4, 2006

Signs of (Night) Life on H Street,” Roll Call; May 18, 2006

Plunder Wall,” WCP; July 27, 2006

H Street Banking on New Residents,” Roll Call; Sept. 5, 2006

H Street’s Image Problem,” Roll Call; Sept. 6, 2006

On H Street, Business Matters,” Roll Call; Sept 8, 2006

A New Day on H Street,” Roll Call; Sept. 22, 2006

U-Turn on H Street,” Post; March 18, 2007

Memo To the Style Section: Do Some Goddamn Reporting!,” WCP; March 19, 2007

Story Speaks for Itself,’ Says Post on H Street Disaster,” WCP; March 23, 2007

H Is for Gentrification,” WCP; August 24, 2007

Signs of Recovery in a Riot Corridor,” New York Times; Dec. 2, 2007

Recovery slow for wracked communities,” Washington Times; April 4, 2008

Revitalization Helps Put Trinidad on the Map,” Examiner; May 29, 2008

Gentrification turns to fear in crime-riddled neighborhood,” Washington Times; June 6, 2008

H Street thrives despite street crime,” Washington Times; July 30, 2008

Streets Ahead,” The Guardian; Nov. 1, 2008

H Street Country Club a fun, hip addition to Atlas District,” Examiner; Aug. 14, 2009

A place to party — and to settle down,” Post; Oct. 24, 2009

District subsidizes H-Street partiers,” Post; Dec. 19, 2009

Stalled D.C. merchants look with optimistic eyes toward blossoming of H Street,” Post; March 14, 2010.

H St. Revitalization Stirs Mixed Feelings,” Howard University News Service; April 9, 2010

24 hours is a telling time in Trinidad, a D.C. neighborhood turning the corner,” Post; August 21, 2010.

Washington area neighborhoods: H Street NE,” Post; Aug. 27, 2010

H Street: From Riot to Revitalization,” Post; Sept. 23, 2010

Old clothiers on the re-invented H Street ponder their future,” WCP; Oct. 8, 2010

H Street heats up,” BBC Travel; Nov. 29, 2010

In the Atlas District, a new spot on the map,” Post, Dec. 8, 2010

The H Street waiting game: How a commercial corridor’s bright future holds back its present,” WCP; Jan. 26, 2011

H Street boom continues with new hot spots,” Roll Call; Jan 26, 2011

H Street Revitalization Hits a Snag,” Washington Informer; March 17, 2011

H Street merchants hope construction completion will bring business,” Roll Call; June 14, 2011

H Street revitalization costs businesses,” Examiner; July 10, 2011

H Street businesses threatened by gentrification,” TBD; July 11, 2011

Keepin’ it real: how to keep H Street from going uber-trendy,” Examiner; July 13

More doin’s a transpiring on H Street,” Examiner; July 13, 2011

A population changes, uneasily,” New York Times; July 17, 2011

Life along the H Street Corridor,” Post; July 18, 2011

H Street corridor: A work in progress,” Post; July 23, 2011

Smokey’s on H Street: A shop with a storied past,” Post; July 23, 2011.

Scene In: H Street,” Post; July 24, 2011.

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