H Street is not just a commercial corridor, it is also home to a growing number of singles, couples, and families who love the urban lifestyle. Walk the street on any pleasant summer evening and you’ll see parents with their children in strollers, young couples out for a night on the town, seniors coming together for dinner and a play, and art aficionados of all ages enjoying the neighborhood galleries. The H Street Corridor and most of its business and entertainment venues are handicapped-accessible, making the Street all the more attractive for everyone.

A major element of the H Street Revival plan, adopted by the DC Government and developed and endorsed by the H Street community, is the promotion of live-above-work locations. Over the past few years, the policy objective has borne fruit, with the development of scores of owner-occupied and for-lease residential units on the second or third floors of H Street properties with ground-floor retail businesses.

To showcase H Street’s residential opportunities, we provide this list of H Street properties that are currently used and occupied or for sale/lease for residential use, and others that are vacant as of July 2012 and available for development for residential use or for mixed-use including residential. For most development properties, we have listed contact information for interested investors/developers. For properties with no contact information listed, interested persons may call or e-mail H Street Main Street Executive Director Anwar Saleem (202.439.0470 or anwar.saleem@hstreet.org) for assistance in contacting the property owner or agent.