Alita Brown, Assistant Treasurer

Alita Brown

Motivated. Passionate. Driven. Fun-Loving.

All of these words describe the lifestyle and philosophy of Fitness Expert Alita Brown. Growing up as an athlete, Alita has always been active, excelling in sports as varied as softball, soccer, and basketball. These pursuits helped establish her understanding of precision, agility, and perseverance.

Alita moved to the Washington, DC area in 2001 and began working with some of the top personal trainers in the DC area. By pushing herself to her physical limits, she found the inspiration to apply her athletic drive to her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2006, she earned her Certification in Personal Training from the International Sports Science Association, and in 2008, she opened her Personal Training Studio, Fitness Together – Capitol Hill, at 408 H Street. Through Fitness Together, Alita provides one-on-one personal training and life coaching for her clients. In the training room Alita helps others build strength physically and empower them to make positive changes in their life.

“My life is dedicated to helping and motivating others to use their own journey towards healthy living as a springboard to the life they have always wanted,” shared Alita. This mantra lead to the launch of her new company: Alita Brown’s Fit and Fabulous Living, an online fitness tool with resources to support women from the age of 30 and up to live a healthy lifestyle, using virtual coaching, exercise programming and nutritional planning.

Alita is a member of IDEA Fitness Health and Fitness Association and is studying for Certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Alita is equally passionate about being active in the community. In addition to volunteering with her church, local schools, and local non-profits, she is a Board Member for CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce, and for H Street Main Street.